K I Z C A M P   2 0 2 3

a tiny festival for and with friends ! 

Thu, 29. June: 'Elementio' - DRESDEN
Fri - Sun: 'KiEZ' Bergweg 28 - SEBNITZ
Mon, 3. July:  'roter Baum' - DRESDEN

ᐅ  R E G I S T E R   N O W ! 🤩👍

KizCamp - what's the concept:
KizCamp is a nonprofit Kizomba festival in and near Dresden / Germany. It's a self organized dance festival for and with friends in a warm and friendly setting. It's a platform, which YOU want to fill with life. Right. Co-planning! So, the concept is, that you (like everybody) brings something tiny (sharing) - for example (A) a Kizomba course (B) helping with trip organization / activities. ...convinced! REGISTER

KizCamp'23 - what to expect
Five days dancing, four partys, three socials (indoor & outdoor), many workshops, awesome teachers, hot DJs, cool pool, activities together, sporty actions, relaxing massages, mindful yoga, delicious barbecue buffet, romantic campfire, ... a summer camp for dance addicted people 🤩👍🔥

DJ's: DJ LaRoca (Cottbus), DJ Galaxy (Stuttgart), DJ Acid (Ulm), DJ Goofy (Dresden), DJ Lerroy Krow (Hamburg), DJ Nemeios (Dresden), DJ Matthias (Leipzig)

ARTIST's: CrownPerk (Stuttgart), Matthias (Stuttgart), Gilberto (Dresden), Philipp (Dortmund), Antonia+Lukas (Dresden), Robin (Dresden), Enikö (Hamburg), Jade+Alex (Dresden), Sani (Prag)

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